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Monday, January 5, 2009

Image from A Charlie Brown Christmas. Of course.

jeez, I've been kind of a bummer lately, what with all the serious posts. So in the interest of lightening the mood, I have a COTW - Christmas Edition!

Anyone who's ever worked retail knows that Christmas is not really the season of good cheer. Its more the season of busy-ness, crankiness, passive aggression, unreasonable demands, crowded parking lots, and work work work. Christmas used to be my most favorite time of year. Now, by the time I'm done with work, it takes a few days to relax, decompress, and get ready to actually celebrate Christmas. By which point, it's December 27th. This year I made a concerted effort to not let it get to me. I forced myself to recognize and remember the customers who weren't terrible. When I quit thinking of every non-employee in the store as a potential enemy, I actually started enjoying myself. Kind of. So this post is to recognize all of the many customers who brightened those dark days between Black Friday and Christmas Day.

The man who waited in a 20 minute line, had me ring up his (long, complicated) transaction, only to have my register crash. Then told me not to worry about it, and cheerfully followed me to another part of the store so that I could ring up his transaction again.

The lady who yelled at full volume to her friend "no, I'm not hanging wieners on the tree!" I'm guessing this was a response to a suggestion to purchase one of our mini-dachshund ornaments. Or maybe not? But the image of a wiener-tree was enough to make me laugh.

Every dad shopping for his teenage daughter. Even if every single one bought Twilight. You could tell they were so happy that maybe this year their present wouldn't result in an eye-roll. Awwwww....

Little kids shopping for their parents. Especially the kid who was buying his dad the star wars book and was so excited to be buying something for his dad that he was clutching his present as had as he could.

Every person that bought something off of our giving tree for a local orphanage. You people rock.

Every person who genuinely wished me Merry Christmas, happy holidays, have a nice day, whatever. Thank you for noticing that I'm also a person, who might actually have a family and celebrate holidays too.

And of course, the most special people of all: my co-workers, who make me excited to come to work even when I know it'll be crazy and busy. I'll overlook the fact that no one saved me a Dixie beer. This time.

Posted by oballard at 8:44 PM  

Love the "wiener tree." That's awesome.

January 5, 2009 at 10:31 PM  
Melissa said...

I agree. I'll be giggling about that for a few a while now...

January 6, 2009 at 12:02 AM  

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