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Friday, November 21, 2008

My friend A recently told me the story of how her daughter M discovered the Circle of Life. The family was eating dinner when M asked her mother what they were having. "This is chicken" A told her daughter. M looked at her plate, then looked at her mother, eyes welling with tears. "Bock bock?" she whispered, horrified.

Lil' Blue was less moved by the whole idea.

We were eating chicken saag when Lil' Blue pointed at a lump of chicken and asked us what it was. "That's chicken", we said. Lil' Blue looked at her plate quizzically, then brightened. "Bock bock!" she shouted. "Yes, that's right. Bock bock" I responded tentatively. She thought for a moment, then crammed another piece in her mouth, happily proclaiming "Bock bock! Yum yum!!"

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