NFL Week 5 Picks

Saturday, October 4, 2008

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So what a weird season its been so far, huh? The Colts are 1-2, the Patriots are looking like mere mortals at 2-1, while the Titans and the Bills are 4-0. Arizona is leading its division. Of course, the Bengals and Lions are doing about as well as expected at 0-4 and 0-3, respectively, so its not completely Bizarro NFL. But it does make picking these games a little trickier, since I can't just pencil in a win or loss for certain teams.

I'm posting a little late here, but still squeaking it out before Sunday games begin. Last week's results were not any better than the week before, indicating that whether I do actual research or not, I can't accurately predict more than nine games. BUT in other news, my nemesis the Carolina Panthers finally didn't screw me over! In the years and years that I've played fantasy football and squandered money on office football pools, I have never ONCE accurately predicted a Carolina game. I pick win, they lose. In retaliation I pick lose, they win against all odds. Luckily, no one sent a memo to the Atlanta Falcons and they graciously put up a paltry nine points. Thanks, guys!

Winning teams are in RED this week.

TENNESSEE @ BALTIMORE: This is a tricky one for me. On one hand, I feel like TN is due for a loss. On the other hand, TN is playing fantastic defense, and BAL is playing with a rookie QB (the awesomely named Joe Flacco) leading an offense on which no one is 100% healthy. So I'm giving it to TN, in what I predict will be a low scoring game.

KANSAS CITY @ CAROLINA: I'm going out on a limb and giving this one to KC. I don't think CAR is as good as their record would make you think, and KC has some good talent on their offense.

CHICAGO @ DETROIT: "what's the score" "0-0" "who's winning?" "the Bears"

ATLANTA @ GREEN BAY: Okay, Packers fans, help me out here. I really wavered on this one, mainly due to all the GB injuries. But I'm going to pick GB because I think ATL can't win on the road.

INDIANAPOLIS @ HOUSTON: Someone has to win this game, and I doubt it'll be the Texans, home field or not.

SAN DIEGO @ MIAMI: Poor Chad Pennington. I really think he got a raw deal in NY. He rushed back from shoulder surgery because the NY media was bitching at him, which led to his other injuries and all the complaints that he couldn't throw with any velocity. I wanted to see him do well in Miami because he seems like a nice guy who could be a good (not great) QB on the right team. Oh well. Coulda woulda shoulda, and I'm giving it to the Chargers.

SEATTLE @ NY GIANTS: The New York Football Giants are on a tear. They look like the Patriots of years past.

WASHINGTON @ PHILADELPHIA: Brian Westbrook has all the ruggedness of a thoroughbred, which is to say none at all.

TAMPA BAY @ DENVER: No way Denver's losing two in a row, especially not at home.

BUFFALO @ ARIZONA: The Cardinals are leading their division mathematically. The Bills haven't lost a game.


NEW ENGLAND @ SAN FRANCISCO: I think NE's defense will win this one.

PITTSBURGH @ JACKSONVILLE: PIT wins games on the ground, and pretty much all of their starters and much of their O-line is on IR. Ben Roethlisberger (Go Redhawks!) is just not going to morph into a consistent pocket passer, and Hines Ward can't catch every pass.

MINNESOTA @ NEW ORLEANS: I think NO has the edge, plus they've got the home field advantage.


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