Seven Years Ago Today

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seven years ago today, the weather was exactly how it is today. Sunny and warm, a beautiful fall day. When we first heard the news about the towers I was sitting in class - at first we thought it was a joke, then we thought some idiot had flown a Cessna into a tower by accident. By the end of class, we knew it was much, much worse. I tried to call my husband, tried to call my parents, tried to find out what was going on. Someone wheeled a TV into the atrium of the law school, and we all crowded around. I remember seeing news anchors fighting back tears. I remember hearing that the president had been killed, that another plane had hit the capitol, that they thought maybe 10,000 people were dead or missing. I remember standing in the law school wondering if it was safe to go home. I remember realizing how much the sense of safety was ingrained in me - how untouchable I felt, ensconced in a medium sized city in the middle of the safest country on earth. And suddenly: I wasn't. I remember thinking about places like Israel, Colombia, Congo and Beirut. That there were people who felt like this every day. And how much I - how much we all - had taken for granted.

Image courtesy of the Boise Picayune

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