Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I couldn't resist this astrology report from They were eerily correct! Except for the part about Lil Blue and me being well put-together. And others being envious. But otherwise....correct!

See your mom and baby personality overview. Generally, here's what's in the stars for you and baby!



The Scales

Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Lucky you, Libra. You're likely the mom that all the other moms secretly wish they could be: You always look good, your baby is fashionably dressed, and the preschool teachers think you're the exemplary mom specimen. Libras are naturally charming and have excellent taste and an enviable ability to keep things running smoothly. And your pitch-perfect sense of diplomacy? It will come in handy time and again at school and on the playground.

Don't forget to lighten up a little, though -- remember that mess and occasional chaos are an inevitable part of life with a baby. It's not a reflection on your parenting skills if one day you just can't seem to coordinate your baby's shoes with her overalls. And when Cheerios get squished in between the car seats? Let it go, mama.



The Twins

May 21-June 21

Your baby is blessed with a quick, engaged mind and needs constant stimulation. Read to her several times a day, and make sure you have lots of little objects (rattles, squishy toys) for her to play with. Satisfy her natural curiosity -- and fend off restlessness -- with pop-up toys, puppet shows, storytime at the library, and frequent field trips (such as to the supermarket or a fish store). A true chatterbox, your little one may be the first in her baby group to speak. Even if it sounds like gibberish, pay attention: In her mind, she always has something crucial to say.

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