One year ago today

Saturday, June 21, 2008

One year ago today we met for the first time. "Open your eyes!!!" our doula told me. When I did, there you were. Pale and bewildered, they placed you on my chest. We blinked at each other. "Now what?" we both thought. We brought you back to our room - you were so impossibly tiny! Your daddy and I struggled to put on your nightgown. Looking back, I realize we put it on backwards. Putting clothes on you is still a struggle - you much prefer running around in the buff! In those first hours and days we learned about each other. You learned that those voices you had been hearing could walk around and that mommy and daddy would hold you tight and not let you fall. We learned that you loved music and hated being too hot. We both tried our hardest to learn to nurse. For the first few weeks of your life we fed you from a syringe because you wouldn't suck. Then one night, a switch flipped and you suddenly understood what you were supposed to do. Now, one year later, you are still nursing and I cherish every minute we spend together at the breast. You still love music. I bought you a toy piano for your first birthday and you crawl over to it and bang away with your gigantic, beautiful smile. You also love anything that makes a rhythm - so in your toy box are shakers, rattles and tambourines. Right now your favorite toy is an empty box. You push it around your room filling it up with toys. Then you push it to the other end of the room and take the toys out. Sometimes you like to get in and I spin you around or push you around the room. You are such a joy for your father and I. We love to sit and watch you play. Sometime we watch you sleep because you are so beautiful and we can't get enough. Parenting you has been harder than I ever imagined, but loving you has been so much easier. Happy birthday, little one. I love you.

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