RIP George Carlin

Friday, June 27, 2008

I know I'm late on this my defense, I was on vacation (more on that later) But in honor of the dearly departed George Carlin, a couple of my favorite clips. I hope ol' George is cracking jokes with Buddy Jesus in heaven. (Obviously these aren't safe for work, so watch yerself)

Baseball vs Football:

White People

One year ago today

Saturday, June 21, 2008

One year ago today we met for the first time. "Open your eyes!!!" our doula told me. When I did, there you were. Pale and bewildered, they placed you on my chest. We blinked at each other. "Now what?" we both thought. We brought you back to our room - you were so impossibly tiny! Your daddy and I struggled to put on your nightgown. Looking back, I realize we put it on backwards. Putting clothes on you is still a struggle - you much prefer running around in the buff! In those first hours and days we learned about each other. You learned that those voices you had been hearing could walk around and that mommy and daddy would hold you tight and not let you fall. We learned that you loved music and hated being too hot. We both tried our hardest to learn to nurse. For the first few weeks of your life we fed you from a syringe because you wouldn't suck. Then one night, a switch flipped and you suddenly understood what you were supposed to do. Now, one year later, you are still nursing and I cherish every minute we spend together at the breast. You still love music. I bought you a toy piano for your first birthday and you crawl over to it and bang away with your gigantic, beautiful smile. You also love anything that makes a rhythm - so in your toy box are shakers, rattles and tambourines. Right now your favorite toy is an empty box. You push it around your room filling it up with toys. Then you push it to the other end of the room and take the toys out. Sometimes you like to get in and I spin you around or push you around the room. You are such a joy for your father and I. We love to sit and watch you play. Sometime we watch you sleep because you are so beautiful and we can't get enough. Parenting you has been harder than I ever imagined, but loving you has been so much easier. Happy birthday, little one. I love you.

Organic Weed Killer Giveaway!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Visit the Crunchy Domestic Goddess for a chance to win a bottle of Nature's Avenger organic weed killer. While you're there, check out her archives for lots of good, green advice!


Monday, June 16, 2008

Lil' Blue's birthday party went off without a hitch. Bubbles were blown, cupcakes were consumed, no major meltdowns occurred (from her or me) We couldn't have had a nicer day at the park. focus on getting ready for our trip to California this week!

Quick Update

Thursday, June 12, 2008

New post coming soon...I've been in first birthday party mode around here!

Also, my keyboard took a bath in some limeade (thanks for that Lil Blue) so typing on it sucks until I clean it off.

Not a whole lot of news around these parts. LB and I went to a La Leche League meeting this week. I used to be a regular, then quit going after I got sick in January and had to supplement with formula. I know, I know...I am making a much bigger deal about it than I should. Under the circumstances, it was formula or nothing since LB was not really eating solids at the time and we were out of frozen milk. I know that. But no one ever said mommy guilt was rational. Luckily my milk supply came back, we are still happily nursing, and I have gotten over my totally irrational feelings of failure. I've started going to LLL meetings again, because if I ever want to achieve my goal of becoming a lactation consultant I need to reconnect with LLL. I'm particularly interested in starting a Peer Counseling program to work with women in communities that traditionally have lower rates of breastfeeding - particularly inner-city and low-income women. Additionally, Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky have a large (and rapidly growing) Latino population. My dream job would be to work with these women and encourage breastfeeding in their communities, either under the auspices of LLL or as an independent lactation consultant.

Summer Staff Picks - June

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sacred Games by Vikram Chandra is long, I won't lie to you. But believe me when I tell you that I rocked my way through this one with record time, because I couldn't put it down. Vikram Chandra has created a compelling mystery set against the background of modern day Bombay

Midival Punditz - Bhangra Fever Bhangra music is popular in the Indian region of Punjab. Also check out this single recorded with Jay-Z. Listen carefully for the Knight Rider theme!

Finally, a little something to drink. Christian Moerlein, one of the original breweries in the Cincinnati area, is best known outside of this area for getting 70's-era frat boys drunk on Hudepohl. But the brewery has reinvented itself and now produces some high-quality brews. I recommend the OTR Ale - the closest beer Moerlein produces to a true IPA.

So Where's My Corner Office?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I guess I've been on a kick with the personality tests lately:

Your type is: entj —The “Executive” Mother

My mind is always going. How can I fine-tune the system to everyone’s advantage?”

  • Competent and confident in a management role, the ENTJ mother organizes the needs and schedules of family members into a workable family system. Within the system, she provides her children with care-taking, direction, and limits, but she also gives them space to develop their own self-sufficiency and judgment.
  • Analytical and adept at problem-solving, the ENTJ mother listens to her children’s concerns empathetically and then strategizes with them how to improve the situation—either by intervening on their behalf or backing off to let them solve problems on their own. She particularly enjoys watching them take responsibility and accomplish something they find important on their own.
  • Intense and insightful, the ENTJ mother is cued in to her children’s intellectual and emotional development. She uses her quickness and communication skills to talk things through and help her children connect with people and better understand life.

Get Yer Fringe On

Monday, June 2, 2008

If you are in the Cincinnati area, you have five more days to catch the Cincinnati Fringe Festival. I caught a production of Undertow on Friday night and had a blast. Plus, with all the new bars and restaurants lining the 12th & Vine Street area, you can make a night of it!


Truthiness and nothing but the truthiness

Truthiness: (noun)

1 : "truth that comes from the gut, not books" (Stephen Colbert, Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report," October 2005)
2 : "the quality of preferring concepts or facts one wishes to be true, rather than concepts or facts known to be true" (American Dialect Society, January 2006)

Today I listened to Terry Gross interview Scott McClellan, former Bush press secretary, possible robot, and author of What Happened, his soon-to-be released book about his time in Washington. McClellan is certainly not the first former Bush insider to pen a tell-all book. In fact, it seems to be de rigeur for former members of his administration to beat a hasty retreat right to the doors of the major publishing houses. Its almost like People magazine for political geeks.

McClellan portrays himself as a young, naive, decent guy sucked into the maelstrom of Washington, D.C., where he worked "16 hour days" in the "White House bubble", unaware of public opinion or criticism of the administration. It is true that McClellan had little experience when he came to Washington. In fact, his major accomplishment pre-press secretary appointment appears to be his term as president of Sigma Phi Epsilon at the University of Texas. While he stopped short of actually claiming he was told to lie to the press, he hinted that had been the case, and certainly left the impression that his job was less about conveying information to the press, and more about maintaining his talking points in the face of the occasionally blistering questioning from the press corps. Which anyone who ever watched him deliver a "briefing" already suspected, but I digress.

Now, my opinion of Bush administration politicos ranges from dim, mealy-mouthed douchebag (McClellan) to conniving backstabbing opportunist (Karl Rove) to OMG, now I know what happened to Scorpius! (Dick Cheney) Post-interview, my opinion of McClellan is that he is a dim, lying, mealy-mouthed douchebag.

What got me was this: when asked if he had read the other books written by former Bush administration employees, McClellan's response was basically "I didn't read them because I knew they would conflict with my talking points". In other words, he knew when the books came out that former insiders were saying things that differed from what he was fed by the administration. Sorry Scotty, but that makes you a liar. The only way that comment makes sense is if he knew at the time that his talking points were false. Because if he trusted that his talking points were true, then what difference did it make what the books said? The only way it becomes a problem is if his talking points were lies, the books were true, and the press corps asked him to explain the discrepancy. Deliberately avoiding reading the books was the only way to avoid having to answer the question altogether.

So to sum up: McClellan is still obfuscating, still mealy-mouthed, and still sticking to his talking points. The only change is the source of his information.