Outbreak status: contained

Monday, May 12, 2008

well it looks like I've survived the SARS that descended upon our house for the last two weeks. I'm still croupy and a tad stuffed up, but I'm no longer looking longingly at the train tracks and contemplating ending it all. Since I'm still breastfeeding, the best drugs are off limits to me, and poor weak little Sudafeds weren't really getting it done, so I sent Mr Blue to the likker store for some Jamesons. Cure's what ails ya! No seriously, I think that was what helped me turn the bend. Warm whiskey, a crapton of honey.....yum.

The worst part of Outbreak 2008 was the inevitable coughing, hacking fit that would strike juuuuuuuust as LB was starting to fall asleep at the boob. Without fail. While it was probably a combination of stress, no sleep, time spent at doctors offices in preparation for LB's ear tubes, no sleep, and sleepless nights, I'm placing the blame on LB (aka the plague monkey). That girl brings more shit home from daycare than you would believe. The tail end of the epidemic was pink eye. Yes! Just like in college! That sucked ASS because I hate wearing glasses. I bought the coolest pair I could find and I still look like Clark Kent. Suck. Plus, it meant I couldn't volunteer at the Appalachian Festival like I wanted to do because, contagious! As it turns out, the weather was pretty shitty this weekend anyway so maybe it was a mixed blessing. So now I'm embarking on my post-illness cleaning spree to try and send a message to any remaining germies still behind enemy lines.

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