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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

So for some reason I've had more time to read lately. Its been totally awesome. I'm currently reading Smile When You're Lying which is an absolutely hysterical (if R-rated...don't say I didn't warn you!) selection of travel writing that, according to the author, he wasn't permitted to actually publish by his employers. Read it for his take on the Caribbean alone.

I've also picked up several awesome ARC's (that would be Advance Reader's Copies) at work. As an aside, let me just say that getting ARC's is one of the huge highlights of being a bookseller. Publishers will drop off boxes and boxes of all the books that are being published in the next year. They want us to read things in advance of publication so that we're knowledgeable and ready to recommend them when they hit the store. Occasionally I grab a stinker, but lately I've been batting 1,000. Rachel Kushner, y'all. Remember that name in July, 2008. You heard it here first!

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