My negative personality traits - let me show you them

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Eysenck's Test Results
Extraversion (81%) high which suggests you are overly talkative, outgoing, sociable and interacting at the expense too often of developing your own individual interests and internally based identity.
Neuroticism (60%) moderately high which suggests you are worrying, insecure, emotional, and anxious.
Psychoticism (65%) moderately high which suggests you are, at times, overly selfish, uncooperative, and difficult at the expense of the well being of others
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Main type
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ENTJ - "Field Marshall". The basic driving force and need is to lead. Tend to seek a position of responsibility and enjoys being an executive. 1.8% of total population.
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Free coffee!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

My friend Amy is hosting a giveaway at her wonderful blog Amy In Ohio. Check it out! You can win stuff!

You can also read about a scandal involving Rachael Ray. No, unfortunately (or fortunately) its not more kinky stuff with her husband. This time, Rachael has apparently given aid and comfort to the enemy by wearing a scarf. On TV. In an ad for Dunkin freakin' Donuts. I can't believe I haven't heard of this before now. I bet it was on NPR, but my ears, in a desperate attempt to save my brain from THE STUPID, heroically clenched shut and prevented me from hearing the story. Good lord. Can you imagine Rachael Ray as a member of a terrorist cell? She'd be all "Hi guys! Whatcha doin? Did you notice my fabu new scarf? Today I'm making C4!! The recipe is so super-duper easy!!" Then the other terrorists would shoot her in the face to STOP THE TALKING.

Greater Cincinnati PKU Walk-A-Thon

If you are looking for something to do this Saturday, please check out the Greater Cincinnati PKU Walk-A-Thon. My friend S's son has PKU, so I've gotten a small glimpse at how this rare but very serious disorder can affect the entire family. More research into a cure is desperately needed, but research can't happen without public support and lots and lots of money.

For more info click here


a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Ohio PKU Camp and the MACPAD Fund

3rd Annual State of Ohio PKU Walk-a-thon

When: Saturday, May 31st, 2008
Where: Miami Whitewater Forest $2.00 Park Admittance Fee
(Harrison Pike, Off I-74, Dry Fork Exit)

9:00 am to 10:00 am Check in & turn in donations, a T-shirt will be given to
any walker that is present with a donation of at least $25.00, one shirt per walker please

10:00 am to 10:15 am Speaker, Raymond C. Stevens, Ph.D.
Stevens Lab from The Scripps Research Institute in LaJolla, CA

10:15 am to 11:00 am Walk for Awareness & Research

11:00 am to ? Social Gathering, Caricature Artist, Cotton Candy.
Feel free to bring your favorite PKU recipes to sample/share, low protein snacks and water will be provided. Have PKU food that is not being used? Let’s swap…bring it.

11:30 am PKU Group Photo

The Indian Creek Tavern
6206 Main Street, Oxford, Ohio 45056
(directions will be provided at walk, it’s 16 miles from walk, between Oxford and Ross)

PKU pizza donated by Cambrooke, while supplies last.

Tavern has large fenced in area, cornhole, etc.

A prize will be given to the family who brings the most pop tabs. Our MACPAD group will be donating them to Cincinnati’s Ronald McDonald House

Come spend your morning meeting and socializing with other PKU families. Brings chairs and umbrella’s if needed. The park has two easy paved trails. One trail is 1.20 miles & the other is 7.80 miles. Feel free to bring your bikes or roller blades!

More information about the Walk can be found on the MACPAD website,

A quick rundown....

phew! It's been a busy few days! I can't even remember what was going on when I blogged last, so here's a quick recap of my weekend:

On Saturday my lovely neighbor P invited me to spend a day of pampering with her and her friends (all new moms). We rented a limo and generally spent 8 hours living like high rollers. I've always been kind of a dirty hippie but I have to admit, I enjoyed it. We went shopping, got (fabulous!) haircuts and drank lots of drinks. From cups with flowers on them. Did I mention I got a Fabulous! Haircut! Indeed I did.

Sunday was a playdate/get together with moms from our childbirth class. Most of us keep in touch by email but since a lot of the playdates are weekday shindigs, and several of the moms work full time, we decided to get together on a weekend. It was a really nice time, and one I needed to lift some gloomy spirits I've been having off and on. Here's the deal. Right after the birth of our babes last summer, our class was really tight. I guess that was the "camelot" phase, followed by the inevitable drifting apart. Lately there has been tension between some of the moms, and there have been some comments back and forth to which I've unfortunately and unwillingly been a party. I think it stems from the whole SAHM/WOHM tension (Hate!!) But on Sunday everybody got along great so I was happy.

Monday Mr Blue and I ran a 5K with Lil Blue in the jogging stroller. It was perfect weather and a really nice course. The jogging stroller screwed with my time, though, so I guess I need to train more with her instead of waiting until mornings when she's at daycare. It does *not* help, BTW, when you're already running hard, to have a tiny toddler face look at you like "Run faster, Mom! This is fun!!"

The house is really quiet right now. LB is on her way to daycare (thanks daddy!) Usually on Thursdays I have work to do, but I wrapped up a couple projects earlier this week so there's nothing. I have a feeling I might get something by email but so far I've got nothing on the plate. Which is good, because the weather's going to be nice so I could use this time to do some desperately needed yardwork!

A real post is coming, I swear. Just a teaser: we'll be discussing my plans to become a lactation consultant!


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mr Blue was offered a chance to take over a children's martial arts school. He is a very accomplished martial artist who hasn't had an outlet for his skills in a very long time, so its an opportunity to get back, albeit as an instructor/administrator and not a student. It would mean one weeknight and one weekend day in Oxford, which isn't necessarily a bad thing in my book. I would love a chance to tag along on Sundays - Oxford is home to our alma mater and full of good memories (and good restaurants!) Mr Blue and I actually met in a martial arts club while at Miami, so I'm hoping that when she gets older, LB could also participate in the club. I want martial arts to always be a part of our family. Another not-inconsequential benefit would be the extra $5000 we would be getting from the club! So we'll see how that goes. We're going up on Sunday to check it out.

I've had a couple triumphs on eBay of late - I scored a Lucky Jeans skirt and a pair of 7 for all mankind jeans, both for under $30. Also, a totally cute little Cleveland Indians tracksuit for LB. Yay internets!

Preparations are beginning for our next trek to the west coast. We've already traveled with LB (once to San Diego, once to Phoenix) so I think we're at least prepared for the ride. Although I need to get out and buy the stash of surprise, very special toys (despite which LB will fuss until we let her play with Do Not Touch items like cell phones, iPods and tiny bottles of vodka. No wait, that's me playing with the vodka, my bad) This time around we're heading to Los Angeles, where I haven't been for almost 20 years. Maybe its changed some. While we're there we'll be attending a family friend's Very. Fancy. Party. At the Bel Air Country Club, I shit you not. Even LB will be in attendance. I thought about splurging on a new dress, then remembered the gorgeous tea-length black dress I wore for my friend A's wedding. Yay! And thanks, A, for picking such awesome bridesmaids' dresses!

Today has been spent on some necessary but sucky spring cleaning activities, including cleaning the jute rug currently splayed over our dining room floor. This particular rug has seen better days, as our dog decided to act out his sibling rivalry all over it on several occasions. I previously tried Bac-Out, which works great as a laundry freshener, not so much as a serious carpet cleaner. So this time around I'm trying a combo of Oxy-Clean spray and powdered Oxy clean with a scrub brush. Oxy-Clean spray is nothing short of miraculous for laundry, so hopefully its powers extend to rugs.

Todays forecast: cloudy with a chance of running

Monday, May 19, 2008

If you want to run, run a mile. If you want to experience a different life, run a marathon.
Emil Zatopek

Today I forced myself to get back on the running wagon. Not the other wagon, that would suck. In fact, tonight's post is brought to you by Murphy's Stout (its whats for dinner!) Anyway, back to the story. As you know if you've been hanging out here lately, I have been sick. With the SARS. Or TB. Or something. But today I decided enough was enough, strapped LB into the jogging stroller, and ventured out. We did a very short run, just long enough for me to feel loose and warmed up.

I don't run because I enjoy it. I have had the occasional runner's high, and there are certainly times when I finish a run glad to have done it. What I really enjoy are running races. I'm competitive by nature, and races distill competition down to its base elements. Run faster than the person in front of you. There's no equipment, there are no teammates, its just you, faster or slower. I had originally planned on running the Country Music Half Marathon on April but backed out due to LB's continuing ear problems and non-sleeping. I just couldn't train the way I needed to. So I've penciled in the State to State Half Marathon in September (on my 30th birthday, in fact). I have yet to start my training program but I think today proved that its at least within the realm of possibility. The pneumonia hasn't beaten me yet!

The Half Marathon will be my longest race ever. I have a few 10K's and many 5K's under my belt, but 13.1 is a big goal for me. Until recently, I'd denied any interest in running a full marathon. I am a runner, its true - but marathoners are a different breed. If you can train for a half, you can train for a full - but you really have to want it. And I didn't. Until now. Lately I just can't get the idea out of my head. Every car I see with a 26.2 sticker makes me ponder whether I have it in me to do 26.2. Thousands of people do it every year...why not me? But first I have to survive a half. I'll update on my progress, because nothing helps you train like exposing yourself to public shame.

Things that have actually come out of my mouth

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Since becoming a mother, I've heard things that I never, ever thought would exit my mouth. Things like the following:

"Sweetie, please don't stick your fingers in the dog's butt"
"Quit licking the floor"
"Honey, get a towel! She's leaking!"
"If you want to go to the zoo, you have to wear pants"
"Quit running away, I need to look in your shorts"

Practice made perfect

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. As a peacemaker the lawyer has superior opportunity of being a good man. There will still be business enough.” (Abraham Lincoln)

Last night Mr Blue and I had this conversation:

"So what, if anything, did you actually like about practicing law?"
"well I...."
"Don't say the paycheck"
"dammit, okay, other than the paycheck..."

I had to think about it for awhile. For one thing, the paycheck wasn't that hot. For another, when I left my job I was burned out and miserable for reasons not entirely due to just work, and I think that attitude might have colored my perceptions. But its been nearly a year since I left full-time practice so I took some time to reflect. Most of my work involved banks. This was the beginning of the end for the housing bubble, and here in the Midwest, cracks were starting to show. Much of my work ended up being foreclosures or litigation involving foreclosures. What I say is that I couldn't live with the thought of taking peoples houses - although a large part of my work was commercial property, so really, I wasn't taking a lot of houses - but the truth is less grand.

At the outset of my career, I held a simplistic view of both life and litigation. In life, I believed, there always exists a moral high ground. Surely, I thought, litigation would reflect this bipartite division between greed and altruism, corruption and transparency, good and evil. Reality, I discovered, is most often gray, dirty, and relative. I realized that the mortgage holders had, if not outright lied, at least misrepresented themselves on their mortgage applications. Many had never made a payment, ever. Most lied to my face, dodged service, and one even picked up and moved in the middle of the night. The ones who weren't scammers or freeloaders were slum lords, who were using their property to extort money from the truly downtrodden and innocent who had no other options. Being confronted with my naivete, tearing down my visions of a world divided into black-hat capitalist and hardworking proletariat, burned me out. It was too difficult to maintain a sense of optimism, much easier to fall back on cynicism. I didn't want to look at all mortgage holders in crisis as deadbeats, cheats and scammers. I wanted to believe that some people were deserving of mercy.

So....I guess I never really answered Mr Blue's question. I liked the academics of practicing law. I'll hang out in a library doing research and writing briefs for days if I could. But I guess I don't have the stomach for litigation. Or maybe its that I have a heart that created the problem.

In which I journey to my personal hell

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just got back from the grocery store. Lets review. First of all, you should know that I *hate* grocery shopping. I will fake illness, injury, even my own death, to get out of going. I'll shop at, and even enjoy, farmer's markets and health food stores *to a point* but the monthly Kroger shopping binge? HATE. Why did I have to go today, you may ask? As anyone who's ever tried to shop with an almost-11 month old knows, its a huge pain in the ass. But last night Mr. Blue went on a rant about how "nothing is getting done around the house" due to your's truly's laziness, lethargy and generally shiftless attitude toward domesticity. So in a fit of pique, I decided I would do the grocery shopping today, all by myself, and spend up our monthly budget so that if he wants stuff like cookies or whatever, tough. So off went LB and I to the grocery store, PO'd and hungry. Which anyone knows is a bad idea. Kroger however, bless their self-promoting, capitalist heart, was giving away samples of cheese by the door. The fakey orange big-people cheese satisfied and amused LB for most of the trip. She actually did pretty darn well, if I do say so myself. No major meltdowns at all. It got a little dicey going through the baby food aisle (she was grabbing for bottles and shouting "NUM!" When she couldn't hook a bottle, she grabbed at my shirt and wanted to nurse) Another positive? My cheap ass self saved $26 using coupons! Woo hoo! That more than paid for the chocolate graham crackers I got myself. Have you tried these things? delish. I'm halfway to a S'more without even trying.

OMG its blue!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm experimenting with a new template. Oooooh Ahhhhhh. Boy do I wish I knew some HTML so that I could customize this bitch, but sadly I do not.

Book Nerdiness

So for some reason I've had more time to read lately. Its been totally awesome. I'm currently reading Smile When You're Lying which is an absolutely hysterical (if R-rated...don't say I didn't warn you!) selection of travel writing that, according to the author, he wasn't permitted to actually publish by his employers. Read it for his take on the Caribbean alone.

I've also picked up several awesome ARC's (that would be Advance Reader's Copies) at work. As an aside, let me just say that getting ARC's is one of the huge highlights of being a bookseller. Publishers will drop off boxes and boxes of all the books that are being published in the next year. They want us to read things in advance of publication so that we're knowledgeable and ready to recommend them when they hit the store. Occasionally I grab a stinker, but lately I've been batting 1,000. Rachel Kushner, y'all. Remember that name in July, 2008. You heard it here first!

Outbreak status: contained

Monday, May 12, 2008

well it looks like I've survived the SARS that descended upon our house for the last two weeks. I'm still croupy and a tad stuffed up, but I'm no longer looking longingly at the train tracks and contemplating ending it all. Since I'm still breastfeeding, the best drugs are off limits to me, and poor weak little Sudafeds weren't really getting it done, so I sent Mr Blue to the likker store for some Jamesons. Cure's what ails ya! No seriously, I think that was what helped me turn the bend. Warm whiskey, a crapton of honey.....yum.

The worst part of Outbreak 2008 was the inevitable coughing, hacking fit that would strike juuuuuuuust as LB was starting to fall asleep at the boob. Without fail. While it was probably a combination of stress, no sleep, time spent at doctors offices in preparation for LB's ear tubes, no sleep, and sleepless nights, I'm placing the blame on LB (aka the plague monkey). That girl brings more shit home from daycare than you would believe. The tail end of the epidemic was pink eye. Yes! Just like in college! That sucked ASS because I hate wearing glasses. I bought the coolest pair I could find and I still look like Clark Kent. Suck. Plus, it meant I couldn't volunteer at the Appalachian Festival like I wanted to do because, contagious! As it turns out, the weather was pretty shitty this weekend anyway so maybe it was a mixed blessing. So now I'm embarking on my post-illness cleaning spree to try and send a message to any remaining germies still behind enemy lines.