the weird world of mama friends

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I've been very blessed to have many "mama friends". Most of us met in childbirth class and remained friends (for more than a year now!) They are each wonderful, cool chicks that I'm happy to know. While we all come from very different backgrounds, we share an interest in natural parenting and a disdain for the yuppie moms we see around town. We support each other and provide a very necessary outlet when mothering becomes too much, as it does at times. Our group has expanded throughout the year to embrace friends and friends-of-friends who have babies, and now a sizable group of us get together for playdates and fun with our babies. But lately I've been realizing that we don't really *know* each other. By meeting the way we did, and spending time only with each other's kids, we've each taken on a new, generic "MOM" profile and somehow lost our individuality. Some moms have even drifted away from the group. I miss them... but.... do I? Did I even know them? Did they know me? Does anyone know me now? Sometimes I feel like I am just a veneer. A cocoon made of threads of my old self, strands wrapped around an amorphous core of MOM.

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