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Saturday, March 15, 2008

I'm happy to report that I'm still loving my Dr Bronner's soap. I really believe that it works best with a foaming pump, however. I bought five off of eBay and replaced all of my hand soap dispensers, and put one in the shower. Fabulous! I'm slowly replacing my body wash, face soap and shaving gel and just using diluted Dr. B's. I also cleaned my floors with a diluted mixture of Mrs Meyer's and a couple squirts of Dr. B's. It cleaned my ceramic tile kitchen floor as well as my hardwood! Maybe those hippies were right after all...this stuff is pretty much perfect! Plus its saving me tons of money that I would have been spending on other soapy products - the fact that you can dilute it so much means a little bit goes a long way. My current favorite scent is Almond but come summer time I'm planning on switching to Lavender. YUM!

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