Superbowl Musings

Monday, February 4, 2008

Holy shit...check out the Giants! I have to admit that I wasn't enthused about this game. I can't stand the Patriots. I have nothing against the individual players (Randy "I play when I feel like it" Moss excepted) but as an organization they annoy the crap out of me. And it starts with the coach. As a life-long Browns fan, I hold a special grudge against a supposed "coaching genius" who did nothing for my team and bailed on us as soon as he could. Then to build a team with a culture of arrogance and a win-at-all-costs attitude, while selling the fans on the vision of a bunch of scrappy upstarts and regular joes. Humble pie...yeah right. Ask the Redskins about the Patriot's humble pie. The Redskins may not be my favorite organization either, but they came away from that game wearing humble pie like they were the Stooges. Belichick is the kind of guy who will lie, cheat, steal and have his defense cream the handicapped kid running in the feel-good TD.

That being said, as a Midwesterner it is my right, privilege and obligation to hate all New York sports teams and root for their downfall at every opportunity. I figured this game to be another lackluster Superbowl where the outcome was decided pretty much by the (overly long, boring) halftime show. Well, so much for that! I can't remember the last Superbowl that had me on the edge of the coach, holding my breath. It was probably the Rams-Patriots Superbowl, which one could argue was basically the same game with the Patriots in the roll of the underdog. Had I known it was going to be such a good game, I would have tried harder to get out of working. At least I got to see most of the second half.

The commercials sure sucked too. Yikes.