I Don't Think This is What Ben Franklin had in Mind

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Today I had to go to the Post Office to mail some Christmas presents (I know, I know...) I take the boxes up to the counter and they charge me my money. Then we have this dialogue:

Me: Can you guarantee this will arrive undamaged?
PO: No
Me: Can you guarantee that it will arrive on time?
PO: No
Me: Can you guarantee that it will arrive....at all?
PO: No, all those things cost extra
Me: So, this money I'm paying...its for what exactly?
PO: We take it back to the back

January Highlight - Dr Bronner's Peppermint Soap

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I finally tried Dr Bronner's Soap. Hippies are always raving about this stuff, so I was skeptical. Hippies recommending soap is much like supermodels recommending candy bars - take it with a grain of salt. I'm happy to report that this stuff lives up to the hype. It smells delicious and cleans well. And a little will last you forever because you dilute it like crazy. One complaint - its very, very liquid-y. I'm thinking I need to find myself a foaming soap pump to really appreciate this soap. You can get it at normal places like drugstore.com, but I recommend at least checking out the website - its like a cyberheadshop. With soap. Hmmmmmm.....

Shimmy On, You Crazy Diamond

So far, so good on resolution #3 - I've made it to my bellydancing class twice in a row! I didn't realize how badly I'd missed dancing until I went back.

Down On Me

Today's just one of those days... you know, where you feel like your friends don't like you, your house is small and messy, and every other blog seems wittier and more interesting than yours? You know? So to help me break out of my funk, here's a list of random things in my life that make me happy.

Lil Blue. I love that her favorite thing in the whole wide world is the Grinch. I love that today at the bookstore she made out with the giant stuffed Grinch for so long that I finally pulled her away because I was kinda embarrassed.

My dog. He rules.

My newest soap.

Dark chocolate covered almonds from Whole Foods. YUM!

My husband, natch. He puts up with a lot of shit from me.

Fresh Racket

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

So I was hanging out with Lil' Blue today and we both started getting a little restless. At first I thought of going to our local kid's bookstore but we've been hanging out there a lot recently and I was feeling like something new. Also, I needed to hit a deli. I figure Mr. Blue will be more likely to watch Lil' Blue tonight so that I can go to bellydancing if there's a sandwich somewhere in the house. So off we went to our local Fresh Market. I never go there - I think I've been once in the last year, even though its close by. Once I got there I remembered why I never go. However, in the interests of fairness, there are definitely some positives about the place.

The prices! Holy crap, y'all. Two bucks for a pound of conventional green peppers? No way. And you have to admit its ballsy to be selling regular ol' chewing gum for more than a buck when you share a parking lot with a CVS.

The whole "we started out as a little veggie stand in California" vibe they're trying to cultivate. Pull the other one, Fresh Market - you're owned by Kroger. You're about as old school, down-on-the-boardwalk as Hollister

I like that they empty your cart for you. When you've got a seven month old in a sling, not having to do it yourself saves time and backache

They do carry a fine selection of high-end organic products. While I am too cheap to buy any of said products, its always nice to know they're there, just in case

They carry the full line of Mrs Meyer's cleaning products. You hear that, Wild Oats? All the products.

All in all, I spent $50 on nothing that I need. Well, that Mrs Meyers scrubby stuff will be useful, and I am enjoying the tasty carrot souffle that I picked up at the deli. And I suppose it might have tired out Lil Blue somewhat, and that's always the number one goal.

Did I say every day?

sorry. I guess the every day thing isn't quite working out....my excuse is that I've started doing some freelance work which is turning out to be more time consuming than I thought. Here's hoping I can post a little more regularly!

Game On!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

So much for my plan to write for five minutes a day, every day, beginning January 1st. But I beg your patience...I suffered from the stomach flu from hell for most of the first week in January, and I didn't think you'd really want updated on that. Also, I felt like ass and watching words appear on the computer screen made me dizzy. But I have no more excuses. Now, to get those damn links up!